DuraDeck Portable Roadway Mats


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DuraDeck mats are 1/2″ thick recycled HDPE plastic that is very, very strong. These Road mats are easy to handle and can be easily connected creating a continuous, solid roadway or working platform. Each mat can support vehicles up to 80 tons. Mats are slightly flexible and will conform to the ground contour, but will not crack under extreme weight loads. Duradeck is water resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant and also weatherproof and able to withstand extreme temperatures of hot and cold. DuraDeck has been used in the sub-zero conditions as well. Use DuraDeck to create temporary roadways for trucks, vehicles and equipment. Duradeck can be used for large work pads or any industrial application. Each DuraDeck Mat is 4’ x 8’ and weighs 81 lbs. The mats are light enough to be carried by 1-2 people and requires no tools to attach to other DuraDeck Mats.


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