Target Challenger


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The Target Challenger is a great way for athletes to practice their setting, passing, and shooting skills. The durable net gathers the balls for easy retrieving. The target ring is 30” in diameter and adjustable to 12 feet. Included is a 22 lb. weight for steadiness and wheels for portability. With and adjusting pole height a multitude of sports can be practiced.  The Tandem Colossal Cart (sold separately) is pictured. If your team is needing target practice then the Target Challenger is the smartest choice. Take your players game to the next level with precision and accuracy.

The ultimate in target technology! Adjustable pole height and target ring, allow for multi-purpose use to accommodate any sport.  Sturdy net collects balls for easy retrieval.  Includes 22 lb weight for stability and 2 wheels for easy portability.  Adjustable to 12 feet, target ring measures 30″.  Ideal for passing, seeting, or shooting.


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